We talked to Serious Creative Director, Angie Chua, about her design journey as she reflects on curiosity, purpose, and everything in between.
Words by Sara Rivera Serious Studio’s mission of creating purposeful design comes from the determination of its founders who, when we asked what is one…

June 2022

Our Pride Month celebration ends, but our support will never waver. The first step to doing good is listening. Here, we asked our favourite LGBTQIA…
Trying something new feels a lot like the first day of school—your mind is a mix of excitement and anxiety, but you know you’re there for a good reason.
Inspiration and must-haves for first-time home cooks who want to put the chic in chicken parmigiana.
We talk with Mara Manalo about what’s it like to design your first space, the detailed process that goes into it, and lessons she’s learned along the…

December 2021

SMEs make up more than 99% of Filipino businesses and employ more than half of the Filipino workforce. In the time of Covid-19 however, many of them are…

February 2021

In the spirit of new creative pursuits, we talk to some fellow creatives about how their craft has helped them deal with life indoors and, if you’re…

August 2020

We’ve gathered stories, cultures, and insights from innovators across different industries and disciplines to improve the human condition.

July 2020

With Covid hitting everyone hard, we ask what this all means for the spaces we used to thrive together.
We talk about 5 habits we have observed that we believe will form the foundation of the post-pandemic Filipino consumer.

May 2020

We assess the rise of a new standard that brands should get into and maximize: the digital space.