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Serious Journal is a field trip. Things you’ll most likely find in our Substack: branding, strategy, design, business, music, open spaces, outliers, tech, food, brand successes and failures, brands we like, brands we don’t like, among many others.

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Serious Studio

Founded in 2012 by Deane Cruz & Lester Cruz, Serious Studio® works with forward-thinking brands who are not afraid to experiment or push boundaries in creativity & business. Our mission is to create brands that Make Sense & Look Good®.

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Serious People

This journal is a culmination of thoughts from the Serious people of Serious Studio.

Deane Cruz

Brand Intelligence Group
Ella Rivera
Reena Mesias
Sara Rivera
Abby Ng
Liana Lopez

Brand Design Group
Angela Chua
Paolo Geronimo
Denise Borja
Macy Escay
Eugene Tuazon
Lorenz Raymundo
Stella Santos

Mayee Gonzales
Lester Cruz
Felisse Ilagan
Dani Celones

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Serious Studio

We build brands that Make Sense & Look Good®